Staffan Alsparr



An artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Staffan has an education from KV Konstskola and the Swedish Academy of Realist Art. He has also attended multiple courses and workshops and is constantly developing his craft. He has exhibited at conventions and galleries, and done illustration work for books, games and museum exhibits.

I am an artist and illustrator utilizing traditional media such as gouache, pencil and paper to create paintings typically oriented around fantasy and mythological themes. Many of my ideas come from literatary sources, both fact and fiction, but just as often they come from the natural world around us. It can be dramatic vistas with mountains and cloud formations, but also seeing something in for example a very normal-looking tree you pass by every day, perhaps a play of light, or a combination of colour that leads to an idea taking shape.


In my art I am motivated to build bridges between what may at first seem to be opposites, like abstract versus figurative, old versus modern or mundane versus fantastic. In my opinion, that is where it gets the most interesting and where new and unfamiliar things can be found.


To me, the result is not more important than the way there, and my best pieces regurarly take shape from the processes where I am fully invested in each stroke of the brush or pencil, acting and reacting in a continuous dialogue between my idea and the inevitable accidents that happen along the way. If I am in the ideal mindstance, those accidents are not the source of frustration but little jewels found along the road, leading the way to new and unexpected discoveries.

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